The autumn Steering Committee for PARTHENOS was held at CNR, Pisa on Wednesday the 8th November. All the attendees were updated on the project activities during the fifth 6-monthly period and the plans for the next period. Among the exciting developments are the imminent ‘soft’ launches of the Policies and Guidelines Wizard and the Standards Survival Kit – project members will have a chance to try out and provide feedback before PARTHENOS releases the tools for use by the wider community. Also making good progress is the prototype of the Data Management Template which was demonstrated at the meeting – further work is required to integrate the Policies and Guidelines into the actual template now.

The technical side is also moving forward. The PARTHENOS Entity Model appears to be fairly robust but is open to updates should any issues arise with activities further down the line such as aggregation and finding data. Twelve mappings have been completed and metadata aggregation has started which has also enabled work on the data discovery mechanisms to get underway. Several new training modules are being developed along with webinars and the dissemination team will be busy promoting the new outputs as they become available.

The PARTHENOS poster is being updated to reflect this and translations are also being made of the leaflet.  Finally, WP2 is now in its ‘review and feedback’ phase to ensure that everything the project produces not only is meeting the original user requirements but also follows the policies and guidelines as recommended by PARTHENOS. Their next report is due in March and is an assessment of the interoperability, tools and services.