From Monday 6th to Wednesday 8th November, CNR-ISTI hosted a WP5 and WP6 technical meeting in Pisa, immediately followed by the third joint meeting with WP2 representatives. The gathering aimed at presenting the advances in the Parthenos Entities Model, architecture, and services developed by WP5 and WP6 to WP2 who are responsible for identifying the user requirements and assessing the solutions subsequently developed, collecting feedback useful for the technical developers.

The three Work Packages decided to work closely during the project lifetime from the start. They first met face-to-face in October 2015 in Rome at MIBACT-ICCU with the goal of sharing a vision for the project, coordinating the activities carried out, and planning the interaction in the development of the report on user requirements (Deliverable 2.1). The second joint meeting was hosted in Vienna by OEAW-ACDH in March 2016 with the aim of presenting and discussing the contents of D2.1, recently submitted at that time. The contents of this report constituted the base for the development of the Parthenos architecture and services.

The afternoon of the first day and the morning of the second were dedicated to a technical meeting on schema development for interoperability and the tools and services to be provided by the PARTHENOS VRE. During the first session, WP5 representatives gave updates about the status of deliverables D5.3 and D5.4 and facilitated the proposal of topics for the next phase of the project. In the second session, WP5 presented the current status of the mappings and the integration of reference resources, closing with an overview of the ongoing work with other WPs, namely WP3, WP4, WP7, and WP8.

The morning of day two was dedicated to WP6 status and perspectives. The presentations covered the ongoing work on the PARTHENOS Infrastructure, the Joint Resource Registry and its population, and the basic discovery services. After the morning break the discussion concerned the status and perspectives in the domain service integration and advanced discovery services. Following the final wrap-up by Carlo Meghini (WP6 leader), the joint meeting with WP2 officially started.

In the first half, WP5 and WP6 representatives introduced to WP2 the advances in the interoperability of tools and services, the Aggregator and the Joint Resource Registry, and the community and resource discovery services.

After a brief discussion on these topics, the second part of the meeting focused on WP2 perspectives. Steven Krauwer (WP2 leader) and Emiliano Degl’Innocenti presented to the audience the methodology and criteria adopted for the assessment of the tools and services, the schedule and modalities of interaction with the technical developers until the end of the project, taking into account the previous discussion with the other two WPs representatives.

Next steps

WP5 and WP6 will organize a workshop to define the aspects of the integration of community services, as well as the Content Cloud and its relation to the Joint Resource Registry and the Research Infrastructure.

All participants agreed on continuing the close cooperation between the three WPs, planning further gatherings before the end of the project, as well as teleconferences when necessary.

Anna Molino