New products and services

New products and services
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Other tools and services currently under development.

PARTHENOS will be adding to the range of tools and services aimed at supporting Humanities researchers. These include

Data Management Plan (DMP) template

Based upon the H2020 data management plan which is a requirement for all funded projects producing research data, PARTHENOS has created two templates – one for researchers and one for data repositories – which are designed to support the completion and maintenance of DMPs through:

  • Built-in guidelines and references
  • Selectable options where suitable, e.g. data types
  • Automatic field completion when a selected Data Repository is used.

Furthermore, a discipline specific DMP template is being created for Archaeology as a demonstrator of a tailored version.

Policy Wizard

The Policy Wizard is a configurable tool which allows the user to select an area of interest (based upon the four humanities main areas identified by the project) such as History and find all the related policies and guidelines that are commonly used by researchers in this field. The information is organised according to the FAIR Principles and the tool can be downloaded and adapted for use as required.

Recommendations for use of Common Policies and Guidelines Handbook

Resulting from the extensive research carried out by PARTHENOS and the resulting user scenarios, a wide range of policies and guidelines were identified and documented. Further analysis of these has resulted in a set of recommendations (aligned with the FAIR Principles) and the project will produce an integrated Handbook (electronic and printed) for use as a reference resource by researchers.

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