This news is the first of the series “Partner News”, a series that aims to give voice to projects and initiatives produced within the PARTHENOS community

The DARIAH Working Group on Visual Media and Interactivity is building a contact point for DARIAH members that are interested in visual media and interactivity. We want to stimulate the exchange of best practices by encouraging users to not only share tools but to also to describe best practices and to comment on their experience of using a specific tool.

In order to do this, the Visual Computing Lab at the CNR ISTI (Pisa, Italy) developed a platform that allows to collect brief descriptions on different kinds of tools and that enables users to browse and comment on these tools.

Like the DARIAH network the value of our collection grows with the number of active participants so we would kindly like to invite you all to visit our site, to add a tool that you think would be useful for others and to comment on the use of other tools that we already have in our database!

You can visit our site to browse, add or comment on the tool of your choice here.

You can also contact Roberto Scopigno ( and Lars Wieneke ( for more information.