DARIAH’s General Assembly Votes for New Members: Poland and Portugal

DARIAH’s General Assembly Votes for New Members: Poland and Portugal

Poland and Portugal have officially joined DARIAH. DARIAH’s General Assembly voted unanimously to accept the applications of the two countries. „We are delighted to see Poland and Portugal finally become part of DARIAH“, said Laurent Romary, the President of the Bord of Directors of DARIAH-EU. 

The applications were prepared during the last two years with the help of DARIAH-EU. „Poland and Portugal have worked hard and we are very happy they will contribute to our vision of advancing digitally enabled reasearch in the arts and humanities in Europe and beyond“, said Romary.

DARIAH-PL was formed in August 2014. It is the largest humanities consortium in Poland. Currently 18 leading scientific institutions in the field of digital humanities form the consortium. The Coordination Institution in Poland is the University of Warsaw. DARIAH-PL’s National Coordinator is Jakub Szprot.

In Portugal DARIAH is represented by ROSSIO, a reference Portuguese research infrastructure for the Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities (SSAH). Portugal’s Coordinating Institution is the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the NOVA University of Lisbon, the National Coordinator is Professor Maria Fernanda Rollo.

DARIAH, the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities, now consists of a total of 17 full members (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia) and one cooperating partner (Switzerland).

The General Assembly is the governing body of DARIAH-ERIC. It decides, for example, to accept new Members, approves financial reports and the annual activity report. The body consists of the National Representatives and other delegates of the DARIAH Members. They met last week in the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany.

For more information about DARIAH and its members go to https://dariah.eu/about/our-partners.htmlcoordination-office.html or contact the DARIAH’s Coordination Office: info@dariah.eu.