Prof. Jennifer Edmond launches new training materials at the PARTHENOS Impact Event in Rome

Prof. Jennifer Edmond launches new training materials at the PARTHENOS Impact Event in Rome
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The PARTHENOS project has released the final additions to its Training Suite, with two new sub-modules and a collection of video case studies, which have been launched on 4th October at the PARTHENOS Impact Event held in Rome, Italy.

The two new sub-modules, “Collections of Digitised Newspapers as Historical Sources”, written by Luxembourg and Swiss-based project impresso and “Digital Humanities and Heritage Research Infrastructures”, written by a multi-national team at E-RIHS, have been added to the ‘anthology’ module “Digital Humanities Research Questions and Methods”, which already has sub-modules that look at Parliamentary Papers, and Digital Corpora.

The “Collections of Digitised Newspapers as Historical Sources” sub-module was written by Estelle Bunout, along with colleagues Sarah Cooper and Marten Düring, at the impresso project based in Luxembourg and Switzerland.  The sub-module takes the user through the practicalities of digitising archived newspapers, and how they can be used in (digital) humanities research.

The “Digital Humanities and Heritage Research Infrastructures” sub-module was written by a team led by Prof. Haida Liang and Dr. Sotiria Kugou (both based at Nottingham Trent University, UK) on behalf of the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science (E-RIHS).

In addition to these two sub-modules, the PARTHENOS project is delighted to include a collection of video case studies that feature Prof. Melissa Terras (University of Edinburgh) and Dr. Justin Tonra (NUI Galway) discussing various aspects of the long-running Transcribe Bentham project.  The Transcribe Bentham project has been running as a citizen science crowdsourcing project since 2010, and is led by Prof. Philip Schofield at University College London, has to date transcribed over 22,000 pages of renowned philosopher Jeremy Bentham’s papers through crowdsourcing.  The case study videos make a substantial contribution to the PARTHENOS “Citizen Science and Digital Humanities” module, which was launched earlier this year.

“As the PARTHENOS project comes to a close, we have certainly not slowed down our work, and are delighted to be able to include these excellent additions to our Training Suite” says Prof. Jennifer Edmond (Trinity College Dublin), who led the coordination of the development of reusable training materials available on the PARTHENOS Training Suite.  She continues, “these two new sub-modules from E-RIHS and the impresso project, and the collection of case study videos from the Transcribe Bentham project showcase the level of expertise that we have been able to bring to the Training Materials over the course of the PARTHENOS project, and we are very proud to include them in our final outputs”.

The PARTHENOS Training Suite provides reusable training materials that can be accessed for free by students, lecturers and anyone interested in issues and skills related to e-Heritage and Digital Humanities.

Date: October 8, 2019