DiXiT Fellowship

DiXiT Fellowship

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DiXiT, the Digital Scholarly Editions Initial Training Network, is offering a fellowship in Digital scholarly editing and memory institutions, with the Swedish School of Library and Information Science at the University of Borås.

DiXiT is an international network of high-profile institutions from the public and the private sector that are actively involved in the creation and publication of digital scholarly editions.

Training and research programme

DiXiT offers a coordinated training and research programme for early stage researchers and experienced researchers in the multi-disciplinary skills, technologies, theories, and methods of digital scholarly editing. Look for more information about the DiXiT fellowships on the DiXit website.

Fields of interest

DiXiT is funded under Marie Curie Actions within the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme and runs from September 2013 until August 2017. PARTHENOS and DiXiT share the same fields of interest.

Read more about the DiXiT Fellowship here.