Introducing PARTHENOS – Integrating the Digital Humanities

Introducing PARTHENOS – Integrating the Digital Humanities
by Stefano Sbarbati

PARTHENOS is pleased to announce the workshop “Introducing PARTHENOS – Integrating the Digital Humanities“, which will be held in Prato (Italy) on the 14 December 2016.  The workshop, organized by PIN, is part of the “Digital Humanities Week”, which includes the ARIADNE project final event “Unlocking the Potential of Digital Archaeological Data“.

PARTHENOS workshop will be hosted in the Sala Consiliare in the Prato’s city hall, and it will start at 14:00.
The meeting will be preceded by the project’s Steering Committee session.

Registrations for the workshop are now open at this address.

The preliminary meeting agenda is as follow

Title and Description Speaker
14:00   Welcome addresses by Authorities
14:10   PARTHENOS vision, tools and services Franco Niccolucci, PIN
14:20   Main user requirements identified as key aspects of PARTHENOS Sebastian Drude, CLARIN
14:40   Common policies Hella Hollander, KNAW-DANS
15:00   Standardisation Survival Kit Laurent Romary, INRIA
15:20   PARTHENOS’ services Carlo Meghini, CNR
15:40   Training Modules Jennifer Edmond, TCD
16:00   Coffee Break
16:20   Brief overview of the technological architecture Carlo Meghini, CNR
16:40   Demonstration of common services in ARIADNE Achille Felicetti, PIN
17:00   How to get involved in PARTHENOS Franco Niccolucci, PIN