PARTHENOS’ infrastructure is shaping up

PARTHENOS’ infrastructure is shaping up

On February 15th – 17th  the joint technical meeting to shape up the PARTHENOS’ infrastructure was held at the Academy of Athens. Many aspects of the PARTHENOS infrastructure were discussed including the progress of mapping of the first datasets to the Entity Model, the backbone thesaurus, and to define the concept and the scope of the PARTHENOS Cloud infrastructure in terms of functionality and in terms of contents (metadata and resources).

DSC00655In a nutshell, in the first phase PARTHENOS has identified all the components of its infrastructure: the process has now shifted towards interoperability of these components, their interfaces and the User Experience.

Among others, this meeting was the chance to start the process of integration between already developed tools (for example the PARTHENOS Training Suite launched just few weeks ago) and the future PARTHENOS full-fledged infrastructure. Identifying standards is in fact key to the success and the sustainability of PARTHENOS. The Athens’ meeting not only helped the partners to better define the standards to be applied to the Entity Model for elements such as date formats, historical periods, actors, rights types, but also boosted the process toward the definition of suitable policies that should apply to the Virtual Research Environment.

This meeting was therefore crucial for PARTHENOS’ current and future operations, and created a solid common vision to be further developed during the next two years.

Date: March 14, 2017