PARTHENOS releases new training modules

PARTHENOS releases new training modules

The PARTHENOS Project has released a new training module, aimed at Humanities researchers and Cultural Heritage practitioners, entitled “Manage, Improve and Open Up Your Research Data”.  The module, which can be accessed at,  addresses concepts such as the FAIR Principles, Open Science, and Data Management Plans, with a viewpoint specific to the Humanities.

The module was developed by Work Package 7 (Skills, Professional Development and Advancement), led by Dr. Jennifer Edmond, with input from members of Work Package 3 (Common Policies and Implementation Strategies), as well as from projects beyond the immediate PARTHENOS family, such as Europeana. The module “Manage, Improve and Open Up Your Research Data” offers both a linear path through the topics, and the option to pick and choose sections according to what the user is most interested in learning. Training materials used throughout the module, such as videos and presentation slides, are also available for lecturers and trainers to use in their own courses.
The “Manage, Improve and Open Up Your Research Data” module is just one of many new resources being developed by the PARTHENOS project in 2018. For more details on these future developments, visit the PARTHENOS Training Suite at

Date: January 26, 2018