PARTHENOS Research Data Teaser Session at the ESU 2018, Leipzig

PARTHENOS Research Data Teaser Session at the ESU 2018, Leipzig
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Within eHumanities and eHeritage research, knowledge and skills related to Research Data Management (RDM) greatly enhance the quality and the sustainability of the data, created within a research project. This has inspired the PARTHENOS project to include Research Data Management as a crucial area of focus. The importance of this topic is reflected in the training resources we develop, in the tools we create – such as the PARTHENOS Standardization Survival Kit – and in our project’s deliverables.

To provide a new generation of researchers with an opportunity to learn more about research data management, PARTHENOS returned to the European Summer University in Digital Humanities (ESU), hosted by the University of Leipzig. After providing a week-long course in 2016, and a project presentation in 2017, this year PARTHENOS offered a PARTHENOS Training Teaser Session at this year’s ESU (#esudh2018). The University of Leipzig is also involved in the PARTHENOS project as a partner institution.

During the Teaser session, Dr. Ulrike Wuttke (University of Applied Sciences Potsdam), presented the training resources developed by PARTHENOS to an interested audience. These training materials are developed by PARTHENOS under the umbrella of Work Package (WP) 7 (Skills, Professional Development and Advancement), led by Dr. Jennifer Edmond. During this year’s ESU, the PARTHENOS Training Suite and the PARTHENOS eHumanities and eHeritage Series were presented, with a special focus on Research Data Management.

In the light of that subject, the teaser session highlighted the module developed in cooperation with PARTHENOS WP 3 (Common Policies and Implementation Strategies) led by Dr. Hella Hollander, titled: “Manage, Improve and Open up your Research Data“; and the webinar with Dr. Marie Puren (INRIA) and Dr. Klaus Illmayer (OAW), created by PARTHENOS WP3 & WP4 (Standardization) led by Dr. Laurent Romary.

At the beginning of each of the two 45 minutes PARTHENOS Teaser sessions, the participants were invited to place the different steps in the research data lifecycle in the correct order. This playful exercise sparked a lot of discussion and set the stage for fruitful interactive sessions. During the sessions the international and interdisciplinary audience (with participants coming from Argentinia, Germany, Romania, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Ireland) was introduced to the basic questions in Research Data Management (What are data in the Humanities? What are the advantages and main principles of Research Data Management? Where can I get more information?). Also, there was ample opportunity to ask questions and to propose new topics for future webinars in the PARTHENOS Webinar Series.

We would like to thank the ESU for the hospitality and the participants for their input.

If you missed the Teaser Session, you can access the presentation slides from the ESU online:

Zenodo (PTTX):

Figshare (PDF):

Slideshare (PDF):

You can also test your knowledge and try to order the research data lifecycle online on the PARTHENOS Training Suite Link.

Ulrike Wuttke