PARTHENOS’ WP2, 5 and 6 Meeting in Rome

PARTHENOS’ WP2, 5 and 6 Meeting in Rome
by Stefano Sbarbati

Earlier this month MiBACT-ICCU hosted in Rome the Work Package 2, WP5 and WP6 joint meeting. The session took place on 12th and 13th October 2015 and aimed to bring together both technological partners and the ones representing the user communities targeted by PARTHENOS.
The goal, which was successfully achieved by this meeting, was to find a consensus on how to optimize the common semantic framework developed in WP5 to better respond to the needs of the communities represented in PARTHENOS consortium.
As the project coordinator Professor Niccolucci put it

Parthenos is not aiming at creating a new research infrastructure, as this would be domain centered. The project has a more “horizontal” approach, trying to pool solutions from the different communities of research. This common perspective would be creating a centre of expertise to rely on with the objective of keeping the pooling of resources and solutions throughout the existing RIs beyond the project lifetime.

The joint meeting allowed thus to reach an agreement between the semantic framework that will be developed within PARTHENOS and the requirements of the communities involved in the project.

Minutes of the meeting are available for project’s partners on D4Science.



Date: October 30, 2015