Presenting PARTHENOS at GARR’s “The Data Way to Science” Conference

Presenting PARTHENOS at GARR’s “The Data Way to Science” Conference

GARR is the Italian national network for research and education. The annual GARR conference was hosted in the beautiful Auditorium Santa Margherita of the Università Ca’ Foscari in Venice from the 15th-17th November 2017.

PARTHENOS featured in two sessions of the conference whose theme this year was “The Data Way to Science”.  The first paper, “A DMP template for the Digital Humanities – the PARTHENOS model”, was presented by Sara di Giorgio on the second day in the session ”Policies for Research Data Management” and attracted interest from the Audience who asked questions on how heterogeneous data commonly found in the Humanities could be handled and whether standards and guidelines could be used. The answer to this was that the question of data heterogeneity can be solved with CIDOC-CRM and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) supported the use of standards and guidelines (as does PARTHENOS!)

Achille Felicetti spoke on “Sharing Cultural Heritage data: DIGILAB, the experience of ARIADNE and E-RIHS” in the session “Open Data Science” on the final day. As a closely related and participating project, PARTHENOS was also included in the presentation and again prompted discussion about the difficulty of implementing a complex CIDOC-CRM model in D4Science and how this was being achieved with the PARTHENOS model.

The conclusion that can be drawn after listening to the presentations from many different scientific disciplines ranging from the social sciences, meteorology, biology, physics and cultural heritage (to mention just a few), is that FAIR data is enthusiastically supported and although the EOSC is not yet fully defined, in principle this is also felt to be the way forward. PARTHENOS can be considered to be well ahead of the game and is a good exemplar for cultural heritage and the humanities.


Date: November 20, 2017