Research Impact and Impact of Research Infrastructures

Research Impact and Impact of Research Infrastructures
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The PARTHENOS Project is pleased to release two new submodules from its Training Suite of training resources: entitled “Research Impact” and “Impact of Research Infrastructures”.

When a researcher produces any kind of scientific work this is generally done with a short-term as well as a long-term motivation. Researchers are continually looking for ways to shed new light on the topic of their research. When looking at the future, there are often greater aspirations at play, concerning what their research output will hopefully achieve.

“Most, if not all, researchers are motivated by the thought or hope that their research will make a real difference of some sort in the world, and this is fundamentally what is meant by saying your research has an impact,” according to the Vitae Careers Research and Advisory Centre.

The first new training submodule “Research Impact” (within Introduction to Research Infrastructures) is about that longer term research goal: to create impact. Supported by slides, images, interviews and videos, this section will give an overview of the many different forms of impact, while also providing insight in how your individual impact as a researcher can be measured. This section also provides you with some ideas on how research infrastructures can increase the impact of your work.

The second new training submodule “Impact of Research Infrastructures” (within Management Challenges in Research Infrastructures) focuses especially on the impact of research infrastructures from a management perspective: it gives a definition and shows ways of how to measure and enhance impact for research infrastructures. It also explains the difference between impact and outreach.

Both submodules conclude with a “Voices from the Community” special. In a selection of long interviews and videos collages, members of the Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage community, who are for one or other reasons experts in the fields of impact and outreach, share their insights and experience.

The new submodules around impact form a valuable and timely addition to the existing modules and also include the video recording of the very successful first PARTHENOS eHumanities and eHeritage Series webinar about impact.

The new submodules offer both a linear path through the topics, and the option  to pick and choose sections according to what the user is most interested in learning. The PARTHENOS Training team, led by Dr. Jennifer Edmond, invites lecturers and trainers to use these materials in their own courses.

“Research Impact” submodule within Introduction to Research Infrastructures:

“Impact of Research Infrastructures” submodule within Management Challenges in Research Infrastructures:

Date: April 11, 2018