Second PARTHENOS Workshop on Digital 3D Objects in Social Sciences and Humanities

Second PARTHENOS Workshop on Digital 3D Objects in Social Sciences and Humanities
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After the first workshop held in Bordeaux in 2016, three PARTHENOS partners, CNRS, CNR and Inria are organizing from Monday 25 to Wednesday 27 February 2019 a second workshop on 3D objects: Share – Publish – Store – Preserve. Methodologies, Tools and Challenges for 3D Use in Social Sciences and Humanities. Hosted by the MAP team (CNRS) in Marseilles, this workshop is supported by the 3D consortium for Humanities and the CNRS-MAP/CNR-ISTI International Joint Lab.

Once again, within the framework of WP4, which focuses on the use and promotion of standards in the disciplines covered by PARTHENOS, the 3D consortium for Humanities (TGIR Huma-Num), the CNR-ISTI and Inria will now focus on the issues related to semantic annotation, documentation, visualisation and long-term preservation of 3D data. A “master class” format has been selected to showcase tools developed by the organizers’ teams, particularly within the framework of PARTHENOS such as Visual Media Service (Visual Computing Lab, ISTI-CNR) or the Standardization Survival Kit (Inria).

The objective is to discuss current 3D technologies by comparing needs and practices in different disciplines of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Following the call for participation, 16 participants from 15 institutions in 9 countries with various profiles have been selected to provide their experience and test the tools presented with their own data. In the context of the PARTHENOS project and beyond, the aim will be to promote and contribute to best practices, especially in the sharing, publication and preservation of 3D data in order to promote their interoperability and sustainability.

The presentations will be recorded and then posted on the PARTHENOS website. Participants will contribute to the writing of a white paper that will be included in the WP4 deliverables, and will enrich the PARTHENOS Standardization Survival Kit (SSK) with new research scenarios.

You can download the full program here.

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