PARTHENOS Launches “Citizen Science in the (Digital) Arts and Humanities” Module

PARTHENOS Launches “Citizen Science in the (Digital) Arts and Humanities” Module
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The PARTHENOS Project is delighted to announce the launch of new training materials in its latest module: “Citizen Science in the (Digital) Arts and Humanities”.

The module, which is the seventh module from the PARTHENOS project, combines original materials written around the theme of Citizen Science (CS) with existing training materials from partner projects and Research Infrastructures.  The module also features case studies from successful citizen science projects such as Transcribe Bentham, or the Explore-AT project, that reflect many of the issues and benefits to CS as a research practice. Citizen science projects are those that involve collaboration with the public, often volunteering their skills and enthusiasm to make a meaningful contribution to the project, such as processing parts of a large dataset, or offering up personal items or stories for research.  

The module was authored by Professor Jennifer Edmond (Trinity College Dublin & President of the Board of Directors, DARIAH), Eliza Papaki (Communications Officer, DARIAH-EU) and Dr. Erzsébet Tóth-Czifra (Open Science Officer, DARIAH-EU).  It was edited by Vicky Garnett (Trinity College Dublin).

“We wanted to provide a friendly step-by-step guide to the practicalities of creating, launching and analysing a citizen science project, while also taking into consideration the role of the ‘citizen scientist’ volunteer, and their needs in a large-scale project”, says Prof. Edmond.  She continues: “To do this, we spoke to leading experts in the field from across Europe, all of whom gave us great insight into the day-to-day tasks one faces when running a citizen science project, which we have incorporated in this module”.

The module features written content, case studies and audio interviews, all of which are available to reuse free (under a CC-BY license) for training purposes.  

More information on the PARTHENOS Training Materials, as well as modules in topics such as “Formal Ontologies”, “Introduction to Research Infrastructures”, and “Research Questions and Methods in the Digital Humanities”, can all be found on the PARTHENOS Training Suite:

Date: June 17, 2019