Webinar “How to write Use Cases” – UPDATE

Webinar “How to write Use Cases” – UPDATE

On Tuesday 22nd September PARTHENOS organized a webinar entitled “How to write use cases”.

The webinar, hosted by CNR’s Carlo Meghini, focused on best practices in regard to the analysis and composition of use cases and was fully subscribed. This is a very important topic for PARTHENOS at the moment. The project’s first major output will be an extensive user requirements document that will shape all of our future activities.

The use cases, which are based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML), will be used to describe the needs and processes involved from the end user (researcher) perspective so that the analysis that results in the design of the infrastructure, services and tools always originates from the end user perspective and fully meets their needs.

Use cases also make it easier for both the end user and engineers to have a common understanding of the system under development as they reflect the real world and do not use techical jargon.

For more information about the webinar please contact the organizer.
The recording of the session is also available on the PARTHENOS’ D4Science workspace.

Date: October 8, 2015