A look at PARTHENOS’ 2015

A look at PARTHENOS’ 2015

Dear colleagues,

As I look back over the year in the weeks leading up to Christmas, I can be confident that the progress we have been able to make in PARTHENOS will serve as a great basis for the new year. In only six months, since the PARTHENOS official kick-off, the consortium has been able to achieve very good results in a short amount of time, completing all the activities originally planned.
Perhaps more important, we managed to quickly establish an efficient working methodology and to establish and consolidate interpersonal relationships, building mutual confidence between the researchers involved in the project and beyond.
[pullquote]the consortium has been able to achieve very good results in a short amount of time[/pullquote]While we can look forwards to 2016 with confidence, however, we also need to keep in mind that PARTHENOS’ most valuable achievements are likely to appear in the longer term. This means that the hard work and the commitment expressed during these first months needs to continue happening in the years to follow.

For 2016, the consortium is also planning several conferences and events in which we will have the chance to meet stakeholders in person and to keep pushing towards meeting PARTHENOS’ ambitious objectives. In order to raise awareness about our work and goals, we need to continue expanding our networks, and share with the stakeholders our vision to shape the Digital Humanities and Heritage e-Research landscape.
I would like to give a special vote of thanks to all of PARTHENOS partners, who together are the reason for what we have managed to achieve so far in 2015.

Wish you all a peaceful holiday and a good start to the new year.

Prof. Franco Niccolucci – PARTHENOS coordinator


Date: December 24, 2015