Policy Wizard

Policy Wizard
by admin2

How do I make my data fully accessible, while maintaining its context and deal with privacy issues? Guidelines please..

Policy Wizard

The wizard will help those dealing with research data to navigate through the existing scattered landscape of information about good data practices, existing guidelines and requirements by funders.

A user friendly interface displays the information on the selected policies and it allows to cross-filter data from different disciplines. All available data are ordered by the FAIR principles.

Target audience

History: Medieval Studies, Recent History, Art History and Epigraphy

Language-related studies: Literature, Linguistics, Philology and Language Technology

Archaeology, Heritage and Applied disciplines: Cultural Heritage, Archives, Libraries, Museums, Digital curation, edition and publishing

Social Sciences: Sociology, Anthropology, Cultural Studies and
Political Science.

Technical implementation and sustainability

The properties of the Policy Wizard are mapped to the CIDOC-CRM data model and available in the PARTHENOS Registry. The information can be found by running SPARQL queries in a Linked Open Data Cloud such as the PARTHENOS VRE. It is possible to integrate the wizard on any website as a widget. The wizard has a modular architecture and shares all available data via a REST API endpoint.