Standardization Survival Kit

Standardization Survival Kit
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The Standardization Survival Kit (SSK) is designed to support researchers in selecting and using the appropriate standards for their particular disciplines and work flows.

The SSK is an online tool which focuses on giving researchers access to standards in a meaningful way by using research scenarios which cover all the domains of the Humanities, from literature to heritage science, including history, social sciences, linguistics, etc.

They have been created by domain experts, from real life researcher-oriented use cases, divided into different steps, and involving specific tasks. Those scenarios can be seen as a living memory of what should be the best research practices in a given community, made accessible and reusable for other researchers wishing to carry out a similar project but unfamiliar with the recommended tools, formats, methods to use, etc.

You can access the SSK by clicking on the link below.

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You can access the SSK by clicking the link below.