Build and customize your own search engine on humanities and arts with IMOCO

Build and customize your own search engine on humanities and arts with IMOCO

ISIDORE Motor Constructor  (IMOCO) is a widget that allows you to create in few steps, a custom search engine powered by the multilingual search platform ISIDORE. Many options are available to restrict the search scope (by discipline, collection, document type…), to include functionalities (faceted search, sorting…) or to customize the way search results are displayed.

logo-imoco-4IMOCO is designed for users who want to embed an ISIDORE custom search engine in their website by making a simple copy / paste of a small HTML code. Webmasters will be able to include it very easily in one or more websites or in a theme template and implement it. The HTML code is compatible with all content management systems (Drupal, SPIP, Joomla, WordPress, Omeka, etc.).
ISIDORE Motor Constructor can also be fully adapted to your own CSS styles: the CSS Class list is available HERE. You can also use the standard ISIDORE Motor Constructor stylesheet that fits most websites.

IMOCO addresses several categories of users:

  • It is intended for research teams who have a website or a thematic blog and who wish to include an ISIDORE search engine restricted to the collections and disciplines which correspond to their object of study.For those who have already harvested data using Isidore, it allows them to include a complete search engine in their websites while enjoying the power of enrichment provided by ISIDORE.
  • For those who manage web portals- such as portals in academic libraries – and who want to integrate resources coming from Isidore in the responses of their local catalogs, IMOCO largely facilitates this task because of the availability of a widely configurable CSS.

Created by the team of TGIR Huma-NumIMOCO meets the needs of those who wish to integrate the ISIDORE search platform in their website with the ability to include both options interrogations and rich search results. IMOCO allows you to include the results in your own web site or to overlay your page if you have no access to CSS style sheets.

IMOCO complements the tools available in the service “signalize” of TGIR Huma-Num. It has therefore been added to the website, and to the plugin “ISIDORE suggestions” (a user friendly tool to use ISIDORE API available for WordPress and ).

Like all the tools developed around Isidore, IMOCO is trilingual with an interface in French, English and Spanish.

How to use IMOCO ?

To start using it, just go to the website and start making your own ISIDORE search engine!


To view the video tutorial and discover the variety of possibilities that IMOCO provides, click here.