Call for Application – ARIADNE Transational Access

Call for Application – ARIADNE Transational Access

ARIADNE project is launching the first 2016 call for applications for this year’s summer schools.

These opportunities are offered as part of ARIADNE’s Transnational Access (TNA) activities and calls for applications will be opened every three months. Below you can find a list of the available trainings to date. Please make sure to check the 2016 TNA Call page regularly, as new opportunities will be posted quarterly.

For the opportunities listed below the deadline for application is Friday, 29th April. Guidelines for applications are described here.

The ARIADNE TNA sponsors up to 1000€ per participant (to cover the cost of travel and accommodation) plus a tuition fee waiver. For further information on the ARIADNE TNA activities you can use this form 

[accordion] [accordion-group title=”1. Individual training: Mapping existing datasets to CIDOC-CRM (PIN)”]Organizer: PIN;

Venue: Prato, Italy.

Period: Individual access will be provided for a week until September 2016. Small groups working on the same project are welcome.

Content: The goal is to enable researchers and professionals:

  • to map their datasets to the CIDOC CRM standard to enable integration into wider frameworks such as ARIADNE. The transnational access will provide a summary background to the CIDOC CRM, show some case studies and some frequently used templates (e.g. for chronology, authorship, locations, etc.); time will be dedicated to developing the mappings of participants’ case studies under the supervision of specialists.
  • to design the structure of archaeological datasets containing scientific data (e.g. from archaeometallurgy, archaeobotany, dating methods, human remains, etc.), or to map existing ones to enable integration in wider frameworks for archaeological datasets. The transnational access will include provisions for specific data formats as required by the technologies and experiments; related information such as location, chronology, authors, technology and equipment used, etc.  After an introduction, the activity will focus on the case study proposed by the participant.[/accordion-group]
[accordion-group title=”2. Summer school: 2D/3D documentation for archaeology”]Organizer: ISTI-CNR;

Venue: Pisa;

Period: June 20th-24th, 2016

Content: The school aims to provide training and hands-on experience in tools for producing and managing 2D and 3D documentation for archaeological purposes, both for objects and for monuments/sites, including the related visualization tools. The school will provide an introduction to the technologies and tools in the first 2-3 days and a hands-on activity in the remaining ones, organizing the students in small groups. It is expected that each student will bring her/his own research project, so that practice can be made on case studies of direct interest for the students. Programme.

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge on the digitization process (3D/2D) and on sampled data processing.[/accordion-group] [accordion-group title=”3. Summer school: Design of archaeological datasets”]Organizer: ISTI-CNR;

Venue: Pisa;

Period: 4-8 July 2016

Content: the course aims to provide students with an introduction to the fundamental notions of conceptual modeling and their expression by means of the languages of the semantic web. Students will have the chance to present their modeling research questions at the beginning of the course and will be guided in search of the answers to those questions using the tools learned in the course, under the supervision of ISTI experts. Programme.

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of mark-up languages.[/accordion-group] [accordion-group title=”4. Summer school: Design of archaeological datasets”]Organizer: Athena-RC; Venue: Athens, Greece; Period: 12-17 June 2016

Content: The school will focus on the representation of the archaeological record existing archaeological collections and legacy data, and will bring together perspectives from digital archaeology and information science.[/accordion-group] [/accordion]