Call for papers. Mapping the scope and reach of the digital humanities

Call for papers. Mapping the scope and reach of the digital humanities

PARTHENOS’ Kings College London announced date and programme of  the “Digital Humanities 2nd early career conference”, and they seeks proposal for Research Paper presentations and Posters.  This year’s conference theme will be “Mapping the scope and reach of the digital humanities”.

As stated on KCL websites

Since computing in the humanities was renamed to what it is nowadays called ‘digital humanities’ (DH), the field has shifted significantly in its scope and has gained importance as an academic discipline. The DH is envisaged to encompass a range of interests and tasks such as “refurbishing the humanities for an electronic age” (McCarty 2005), manipulating texts (Bradley 2004), gathering big data for macroanalysis (Jockers 2013), distant reading (Moretti 2013), building rather than writing for algorithmic criticism (Ramsay 2011), speculative computing and visual forms (Drucker 2008), to name a few.

The digital has undoubtedly cut across the humanities disciplines, but how wide is its reach? Is the DH inclusive enough as “a trading zone and a meeting place”, as defined by Svensson (2012)? What do the other disciplines have to teach digital humanities? Are we capable of inventing any new functions of the digital within and for the traditional scope of the humanities? How responsive are the institutions to the new demands and ideas of researching the digital? What forms and areas of collaborative research have been missing? Do the collaborative projects overshadow a single scholar’s effort and will in any way? Are the digital tools going hand in hand with the needs of humanities research, theory and pedagogy?

We would like to put these and many other historical, empirical and pedagogical aspects of the digital in the humanities on the agenda of the DDH Student Conference 2016 at King’s. We invite humanists, regardless of their technical background, to share their ideas and research on the past, present and future issues of the digital in and for the humanities.

The deadline for submitting papers’ abstracts is next Monday, 11th April 2016. Please refer to the conference announcement webpage for more informations about the conference and the papers’ submission process.