CfP – Data Stewardship and Data Curation

CfP – Data Stewardship and Data Curation

LIBER Forum for Digital Cultural Heritage, a joint initiative promoted by LIBER and CERL, is organizing for 13-14 November 2017 a workshop aimed at exploring  the collaboration between library and research community, when they are dealing with data which originated in the one community but is of prime interest to the other.

Data management is among the priorieties addressed by PARTHENOS, as also stated by the project’s latest initiatives and workshops. LIBER forum has recently published a Call for Paper on the topic, which is surely of interest for the PARTHENOS communities and stakeholders.

The theme for this year’s LIBER workshop is Data Stewardship and Data Curation. This theme is on the agenda of both libraries and research teams and a focus area in LIBER’s new Strategic Plan. It covers a broad variety of aspects. For this workshop three themes have been identified to compare and evaluate experiences in this emerging and rapidly evolving field in order to distil best practices, guidelines and identify areas of future concern. The specific themes identified for this year, together with the guidance on how to submit the papers for the conference are available on the workshop website.