Common policies and implementation strategies

Common policies and implementation strategies

The scope of WP3 – Common policies and implementation strategies is to help the communities to answer more research questions more efficiently, by increasing and aligning the quality of repositories, data and metadata.

In order to achieve this goal, WP3 will focus on three main areas:

  1. common policies throughout the research lifecycle, throughout Europe and throughout humanities disciplines.
  2. guidelines and best practices for supporting those common policies.
  3. research agenda / foresight studies to resolve eminent gaps.

In general, the core topics of WP3 are the implementation of common AAA (authentication, authorization, access) and data curation policies within the framework of the data lifecycle, including long term preservation, certification and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

The Work Package first goal is to agree on and define the concepts of  Policy, Guidelines, Best practice, their objectives and target audience. Each task within WP3 will describe the added values of common policies.
WP2 will provide WP3 with an inventory of existing policies from the different infrastructures, and will define (and test) requirements for shared policies.

Currently, a thematic approach is followed to investigate the following questions.
What are the consequences of emerging approaches/ new research activities/ideas (T3.4 Foresight Studies) and how are they connected to the data life cycle, where to they differ from current practices and what about IPR? This will be structured around themes of research interest of all the involved partners.

Date: September 29, 2015