DARIAH 2019 Annual Event in Warsaw

DARIAH 2019 Annual Event in Warsaw
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This year’s annual DARIAH event was held in the historic capital of Poland, Warsaw on the 15-17 May and hosted by the University Library for the first two days and the Academy of Science on the final day. The event kicked off with welcome addresses from key speakers from Warsaw University, the Ministry of Science and HE and DARIAH-PL and was followed by a panel session with the DARIAH Board of Directors where PARTHENOS was mentioned with regard to the SSK and the Training Suite. The rest of the afternoon was taken up with Workshop sessions which covered a variety of topics from applying the FAIR Principles to using the Semantic Web for spatial humanities.

Wednesday morning started with an inspiring keynote speech from Sally Wyatt on the topic of data in the humanities (What are we talking about when we talk about data in the humanities?) – there are so many different viewpoints and contexts… Later on, it was good to hear that DARIAH has awarded funding to promote and further develop the SSK. During lunchtime, the poster session attracted lots of visitors and included the new FAIRifying your Data poster from the DANS team. The leaflet proved to be very popular with the first batch running out by lunchtime on the first day (further copies were brought out). PARTHENOS made a further appearance in the final session, Infrastructures and beyond (Chair: René van Horik) where Sheena Bassett presented the findings from the Foresight Study. DARIAH.DE have asked if this can be published as a working paper.

The final day started with Working Group meetings and then closed at lunchtime with a keynote speech from Lev Manovic, City University of New York who talked about his work on new media and culture, looking at subjects such as styles and trends on Instagram. One of his key points was that researchers tend to look at data clusters but perhaps we should also consider the ‘outliers’ or differences as these can be interesting too? Overall, this was a very enjoyable event where it was evident that PARTHENOS has created a legacy for the Digital Humanities and which DARIAH is keen to take on for the benefit of their research community.

Sheena Bassett
Date: June 5, 2019

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