The PARTHENOS Hub – a new experimental publication platform – is launched!

The PARTHENOS Hub – a new experimental publication platform – is launched!
by admin2

The PARTHENOS Hub is envisioned as an open accessible publication and interaction platform for the research communities primarily in the Humanities. It experiments with combining the traditional format of publishing in journals with the more dynamic, interactive new media (such as blogs, internet forums and social networks).

Distinct issues offer the opportunity for editors to select material on a specific topic from different sources – traditional articles, but also more volatile content from new media – and set it side by side ready for discussion. Wherever possible this content is directly and persistently accessible either originally as open access articles or by (re-)publishing it in an open access repository. The plug-in allows registered readers to annotate and comment the original content. All comments and suggestion can be used by the editor for a second enhanced edition of the issue.

Being persistent and citable, the issues fit easily in the traditional publishing system and by that the contributors get credit for their work. By integrating material from the fast exchanging social networks, blogs and other new media sources, two currently often separate discussions can be brought together on the Hub and pave the way for new paths of scientific communication.

Don’t hesitate to explore the PARTHENOS Hub and the first issue put together by Gerard Coen: “Defining the Knowledge Graph for the Social Sciences & Humanities”.

Date: August 2, 2018

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