Jennifer Edmond and Frank Fischer appointed as New Directors for DARIAH

Jennifer Edmond and Frank Fischer appointed as New Directors for DARIAH

Jennifer Edmond and Frank Fischer will succeed Conny Kristel and Tobias Blanke as DARIAH Directors. In its latest meeting the consortium’s General Assembly (GA) approved the nomination proposed by a selection committee earlier this month.

Growing importance of DARIAH
“I am thrilled to have been named to the Board of Directors of the DARIAH ERIC”, PARTHENOS’ Jennifer Edmond commented on her appointment. “Throughout my long involvement with the organisation I have been continually impressed not only by the vibrancy of the community but also by the importance of the work it does. As technology becomes more and more a part of not just science policy but also lived experience, we will only see the importance of DARIAH grow. I look forward to being a part of this development over the coming years, and to helping DARIAH to extend its activities to support an ever widening circle of scholarship.”

Distributing technical know-how among digital humanists
Frank Fischer stressed the importance of DARIAH as a technical infrastructure, and also emphasized the community aspect of the DARIAH-ERIC: “I’m very much looking forward to working with my colleagues at DARIAH-EU, which is not only a technical infrastructure, but also a social one. Distributing practical know-how among present and future digital humanists is at the core of DARIAH, and I will seek to actively contribute to that.”