by Stefano Sbarbati

DH2016 is set to start in two weeks from today, on July, 11th 2016. This year, one of the most important international conferences on Digital Humanities will have a strong participation of PARTHENOS-related events and meetings.
At the same time many of the members of the PARTHENOS consortium will also be present at DH2016 on behalf of their organizations. Within the DH2016 venue, PARTHENOS will have its physical spot, hosted in CLARIN’s booth, where you can find all the information about the project, its current and future achievements and much more.

Speaking of PARTHENOS’ achievements and its impact, some 20 members of Work Package 2 – Community involvement and requirements and Work Package 3 – Common policies and implementation strategies will meet on July 12th in Krakow to discuss how to  best involve all the PARTHENOS’ communities into the growing activities of the project.
On the same day, all the project’s Work Package leaders will meet at the Jagiellonian University Campus in Krakow for the PARTHENOS General Assembly and the PARTHENOS Steering Committee.

As always, you will find all the updates available on our website shortly after the events. For a live coverage of the events and of the PARTHENOS’ participation at the DH2016 please follow our Twitter feed @Parthenos_EU.

Date: June 28, 2016