PARTHENOS @DHd2016 – Conference Report

PARTHENOS @DHd2016 – Conference Report

The 3rd International conference of the association ‘Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum’ (Digital Humanities in German speaking regions – DHd 2016) took place from March 7-11 2016 at the university of Leipzig.

The main theme of Dhd 2016 was ‘Modelling – Networking – Visualisation: Digital Humanities as a transdisciplinary research paradigm’. The second annual ‘European Association for the Digital Humanities’ Symposium (EADH day) was held in conjunction with DHd 2016.

PARTHENOS was presented in a lightning talk delivered by Vanessa Hannesschläger at the EADH day, which focussed on the work of WP2 and the first version of D2.1 as well as on the PARTHENOS vision. The presentation sparked the interest of the audience, leading to many questions and a lively discussion continuing after the panel. The audience was especially eager to know if PARTHENOS was going to offer a research environment for use by individual researchers.

On the subsequent days, the PARTHENOS poster was exhibited at the conference booth shared by CLARIN-D and DARIAH-DE, which illustrated PARTHENOS’ role as a strengthener for the cohesion of research and the synergetic effects of collaborating infrastructures the project aims at achieving.

During breaks and the poster exhibition, visitors were interested to learn more about the mission and goals of PARTHENOS, as well as about the collaborating partners. PARTHENOS members from the German speaking partner institutions were present and enjoyed the opportunity to network with interested researchers from various humanities disciplines as well as from the informatics sector.

Date: March 15, 2016