PARTHENOS presents: an interview on Open Access and Libraries with Martin Paul Eve

PARTHENOS presents: an interview on Open Access and Libraries with Martin Paul Eve
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A new video on the PARTHENOS Training Suite introduces the most important aspects of Open Access in the Humanities and highlights the role of libraries in the transformation process. It features an interview with Martin Paul Eve (OLH).

Open Access to scientific literature is high on the agenda of research funders all over Europe and has gained an increasing amount of media attention lately, especially since the launch of ‘Plan S’ and ‘cOAlition S’. As a cluster project, PARTHENOS is in the unique position to play an important role in the creation of awareness around the topic of Open Access among a variety of disciplines in the broad sector of the Humanities and Cultural Heritage. To fulfill this role, PARTHENOS is constantly seeking opportunities to address various stakeholder perspectives.

To underline the role of Open Access and the role of libraries in the transformation of the publication process to Open Access, PARTHENOS Training has cooperated with the Open Library of Humanities (OLH) to produce a new video for the PARTHENOS training module “Manage, Improve and Open up your Research and Data“. The OLH is a charitable organisation, dedicated to publishing open access scholarship with no author-facing article processing charges (APCs). Its publishing platform supports several academic journals across the Humanities disciplines and hosts its own multidisciplinary journal.

In the video, Martin Paul Eve, Professor of Literature, Technology and Publishing at Birkbeck, University of London and CEO of the OLH, underlines the importance of Open Access for the Humanities: “Working in a Humanities discipline, there is this special importance to Open Access to scholarly research. We are studying people, we are studying human cultures, artforms, artifacts, and histories. What is the point of studying that if the very humans who are alive on the planet at this very moment have no access to that material?” Prof. Eve also explains the importance of libraries in the transformation process to Open Access and the role librarians can play in advocating Open Access.

The video is a collaborative effort of the OLH and PARTHENOS. It has been added to the module section about “Open Data, Open Access and Open Science”. You can find it also on the PARTHENOS YouTube Channel.

The PARTHENOS Training team, led by Dr Jennifer Edmond (TCD), invites lecturers and trainers to use this video and all the other materials on the PARTHENOS Training Suite in their own courses.

Date: December 18, 2018

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