Semantics and Interoperability in PARTHENOS

Semantics and Interoperability in PARTHENOS

The scope of the Work Package 5 is semantic interoperability. If technical interoperability may be achieved by standardization, agreement on meanings is required to go deeper and create an interwoven network of data, resources and researches.

This WP will thus define a common framework of knowledge representation and the related processes of use for the sector in order to integrate knowledge about all content objects, media, datasets and their epistemic status in an open scientific workflow with background reference knowledge. It will overcome the aggregation of digital resources as unstructured terminal deposits detached from providers and lacking sufficient characterization to be evaluated for quality and reliability, to be used, reused, improved or replaced by better knowledge. This will be done by explicit representation of core scholarly and scientific resource creation activities, representation of the provenance of knowledge in a way that can be traced across resources, and will enable connecting resources to their creators and curators as living artefacts in a dynamic ecosystem of knowledge creation and production.

WP5 will be based on a generic model of knowledge flow emerging from interacting scientific/scholarly activities with distinct roles and states of resources. Interestingly, it will enable generic queries and management functions under which all resources fall regardless domain specialization.

Date: August 26, 2015