What’s New on the PARTHENOS’ Training Suite?

What’s New on the PARTHENOS’ Training Suite?
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The PARTHENOS Training team, looking at aspects of training around Digital Humanities and Research Infrastructures, has had a busy few months.  In early December 2018 the “Formal Ontologies: A Complete Novice’s Guide” module was launched, providing an insight into how knowledge representations systems such as ontologies could be used by Humanists with no previous knowledge of them to manage and interrogate their data in new ways.  To find out more, click here.

And even more training material is on its way! A new module on “Digital Humanities Research Questions and Methods” is due for release very shortly and another one on “Citizen Science” is currently in development. The #TrainingTuesday campaign continues on social media as well, whereby thematic playlists of training materials from PARTHENOS are issued on a semi-regular basis.

The Training Suite itself has also undergone a make-over in the past few weeks, with a new user-friendly look to help guide you to the training materials you are seeking.  Enjoy the Training Suite in its new look here.

Finally, the PARTHENOS Training team is pleased to be taking part in the DH Nordic conference in Copenhagen in early March 2019, discussing an evaluation of assessment methods for the training materials at the “Higher Education Programs in Digital Humanities: Challenges and Perspectives” workshop on 6th March.

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Date: February 14, 2019

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