Register Now for the New PARTHENOS & CLARIN Workshop – Twin Talks: Understanding Collaboration in Digital Humanties

Register Now for the New PARTHENOS & CLARIN Workshop – Twin Talks: Understanding Collaboration in Digital Humanties
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In the run-up to DH Nordic, a one day pre-conference session around collaboration in the Digital Humanities will take place at the University of Copenhagen. This will be the first workshop in a series of Twin Talks, organised by PARTHENOS and CLARIN. Unique for this workshop series is that all papers are submitted and presented by a pair consisting of a humanities researcher and a digital expert. They report on the research they carried out together, both from their individual perspective, as well as on their collaboration experience.

The main objective of the workshop is to get a better understanding of the dynamics on the Digital Humanities work floor where humanities scholars and digital experts meet and work in tandem to solve humanities research questions. The insights gained should help those involved in the education of humanities scholars, professionals and technical experts to develop better training programmes.

Humanities research can only benefit maximally from new developments in technology if content and digital experts team up. This form of collaboration is similar to the joint approach often found in the hard sciences, where experts with different knowledge, technical expertise and skills tackle a problem together. Co-design, co-development and co-creation are the rule rather than the exception, but very little is known about how this collaboration works in practice and how better training and education of both humanities scholars and digital experts could facilitate the way they collaborate.

This is what this workshop wants to address, using real-life collaboration examples as case studies. PARTHENOS and CLARIN, two organisations that invest in humanities research infrastructures, have first-hand experience in bringing together humanities researchers and technical experts.

The full day workshop will start with an invited talk, followed by six 25-minute Twin Talks, i.e. talks presented by pairs consisting of a humanities scholar and a digital expert. Each session will be followed by a short 5 minute discussion. After the talks there will be a round table discussion with all participants to pull out overarching lessons that can be learned from the individual presentations.

The workshop “Twin Talks: Understanding Collaboration in DH” takes place on Tuesday 5 March 2019, the day before the 4th Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries Conference (DHN 2019) in Copenhagen (6-8 March 2019).

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Date: February 14, 2019

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