Defining requirements to involve the communities

Defining requirements to involve the communities

The Community involvement and requirements (WP2) is very closely connected to all other work packages and thus lies at the core, so to speak, of Parthenos.

The reason is that it provides requirements for the solutions to be developed within the project itself, and it then verifies that the solutions proposed and developed will actually serve and eventually satisfy the needs and requirements of the user communities.

Therefore, especially in the first months of Parthenos, work in WP 2 is of key importance for the project as a whole. Within the next six months WP2 is expected to create the first major product, an extensive user requirement document covering the areas of most of the other work packages.[divider type=”thin”]Defining a wide set of requirements and identifying appropriate solutions take time. The work in WP 2 has in fact started at the beginning of the Parthenos project itself, in May 2015. After a phase of gathering information and organizational set-up (a process which is still ongoing on some of the Parthenos partners), WP 2 has set up first working structures and made plans on how to tackle its huge task in the coming months up to January.

The concrete plan, to be refined by WP2’s council – a dedicated board set up for this purpose – over the coming week, consists of the following actions:

1. Identify core PARTHENOS user communities

2. Identify relevant existing user requirement documents

3. Decide on a common format / structure for the different parts

In general, the following primary groups of user communities have preliminarily been identified:

[accordion] [accordion-group title=”Studies of the Past”]including History (in particular recent Hist.), Archaeology, Art History, Epigraphy etc[/accordion-group] [accordion-group title=”Language-related Studies”]Literature, Linguistics, Philology, Language Technology, Epigraphy[/accordion-group] [accordion-group title=”Heritage & Applied Disciplines”]Cultural Heritage, Archives, Libraries, Museums, Digital curation / edition / publishing[/accordion-group] [accordion-group title=”Social Sciences “]the broader Social Sciences are of secondary importance within the Parthenos setting, including Sociology, Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Political Science[/accordion-group] [/accordion]

Beside the valuable literature already being studied and analyzed two partners, SISMEL with the support from MIBACT-ICCU, have started working on a general outline of the user requirements specifications, in order to grant a coherent internal structure for the first deliverable.

Work in WP 2, and in Parthenos in general, is already now characterized by a very collaborative, proactive and enthusiastic mood. It is important to note that other WPs are already contributing to WP 2, providing their input on user requirements or the template for the general structure of the parts of the first deliverable. This positive spirit continuing, we expect no problems in creating an effective and requirement document in due time.

Date: July 29, 2015