Why Humanities need a Research Infrastructure

Why Humanities need a Research Infrastructure

Research infrastructures provide shared access to the resources, expertise and facilities needed to advance knowledge. Not every institution or indeed every country may be able to justify the investment in the specialised knowledge, data, labs and equipment certain disciplines and communities require. By sharing these resources among many partners, a research infrastructure can facilitate access for many researchers.

Do the Humanities Need Research Infrastructure? Modern definitions recognise that all disciplines have infrastructural needs, for data, for specialist knowledge, for methodological support, for storage and processing power. As such, the arts and humanities need shared research infrastructure as much as any other discipline.”

Researchers may be convinced of the above argument and make good use of research infrastructures, but it is not always the researcher that has the decision making power or the resources to invest in big infrastructures. More often, the policy makers, working for governmental bodies or universities, and not always with a background in research, will decide in these matters. The PARTHENOS’ team that is involved in the development of training programmes recognized this issue, and decided to design a leaflet that makes a strong case for the investment in research infrastructures and should convince the policy makers.
The leaflet addresses many common questions related to Research Infrastructures in the fields PARTHENOS currently target, and try to explain why Humanities need Research Infrastructure and how this Infrastructure is key to drive research opportunities and create shared value. It also lists the advantages for policy makers of investing in shared research infrastructures that will give access to networks, data and knowledge for their researchers.

PARTHENOS will distribute the leaflets through its partners and at appropriate events and meetings. Besides for these efforts, the leaflet is meant for anyone who needs convincing or who would like to convince their policy makers of the need for research infrastructures. To this end, you can view and download the leaflet here.

Date: April 7, 2017